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Citroen Electric Berlingo to join the line-up in 2021

19 February 2021 | The Citroën e-Berlingo is the most suitable family car that can take on whatever life throws your way.

Citroen Electric Berlingo to join the line-up in 2021

Citroen ranks top among the automobile conglomerates capable of pushing the envelope with experimental technologies and unusual designs. Not so long ago, Citroen pioneered energy management on its humble Berlingo van as it sought to improve fuel economy. In doing so, the company intended to recover small amounts of kinetic energy to make the alternator more efficient.

Since its inception, Citroen has often strived to make driving a real pleasure. As such, the company is on the verge of unveiling the e-Berlingo electric van. This landmark invention notwithstanding, Citroen is not your ordinary car because it brings with it some key takeaways:

  • From the onset, Citroen's range of cars has been an epitome of boldness and creativity,
  • Citroen automobiles have a cocoon-like environment that filters out all external stresses,
  • Everything about Citroen vehicles enhances comfort onboard,
  • Citroen's cars have carefully designed ergonomics that integrate perfectly into a motorist's life.

Unlike other electric units, the introduction of Citroen e-Berlingo has helped to publicize the concept of small battery-powered vans. However, some notable features have enabled the e-Berlingo to slog it out with other competing brands.

1. What it’s like to drive the Citroen e-Berlingo

Since its batteries lie evenly beneath the floor, it feels adventurous to drive the e-Berlingo, even though its basis is on the older version, dating back to 2008. Although the 49kW motor won't afford you the privilege of setting your world on fire, this vehicle has more than enough to get you places.

Even as you drive, the Berlingo electric won’t suffer as much from the jelly-like body control and overly soft suspension. With this vehicle, you will achieve close to 106 miles between charges, and the process of replenishing the batteries will take up to eight to 10 hours.

2. The layout, fit and finish of the e-Berlingo

Previously, motorists were used to the cramped and drab interior of the manual versions. The e-Berlingo is an enhanced version because it did away with a floor-mounted gear lever.

Therefore, the driver's left knee has a little more space, and the same case applies to the passenger in the center front seat.

As far as storage goes, the Berlingo electric comes with two open compartments and additional under-seat space. Bottom line, the Berlingo's interior is a high-level kit that is way above that of a diesel van for the same price tag.

3. How it absorbs people and clutter

In terms of versatility, the electric Citroën Berlingo is not any different from the conventional-engine model. The former offers a comparable number of load and size options. Moreover, the MultiFlex seats have a provision for folding the front passenger seat. Thus, this will allow you to create additional usable length.

Ideally, this van comes with a 640kg maximum payload, and it is roughly in the same bracket as the standard Nissan eNV200.

If you’re contemplating the idea of adding a van with a couple of new unique extras to your fleet, the e-Berlingo might be the most sensible option. This electric model is a viable solution to new driving challenges, especially in areas with emission zones. In simple words, the Citroën e-Berlingo is the most suitable family car that can take on whatever life throws your way.

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